Pasadena: Bits ‘n’ Bobs: Radio

Southern California has a lot of listener-supported radio stations. The list below is what you should be able to tune in to in Pasadena or stream online from anywhere. Apologies in advance for any pledge drives that might be going on.

KPCC 89.3 Pasadena’s own public radio station NPR and local programs, including smart shows from Marketplace to Radiolab, from plays by LA Theatre Works to Car Talk KCRW 89.9 Broadcasting live from Santa Monica College NPR and local programs KUSC 91.5 or Classical music programming from the University of Southern California, includes the live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera KCSN 88.5 or Roots music programming including rock, opera, country, Dylan and a unique weekly show dedicated to The Beatles from California State University, Northridge KPFK 90.7 or A Pacifica station, progressive & independent news, talk, music KSPC 88.7 or Pomona College student-run KKJZ (88.1 or All jazz genres bebop, cool, Latin, mainstream KXLU 88.9 or  Loyola Marymount’s very diverse programming and highly independent music station. KXLU is the winner of most amusing radio logo.

For a complete area FM radio guide, click HERE<>


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