Pasadena: Bits ‘n’ Bobs: fun, food, sights, happenings

If you’re planning to explore Highland Park, a must-see stop is GALCO’S<>. Originally an Italian grocery store, this 58 year old business, which is old for Southern California, sells brands of sodas and candies you figured haven’t been available since your granddad was a pup! Lunch is available.

Huell Howser a Tennessee native who entered the hearts of California natives by introducing them to the wonders of their Golden State through his video visits. Click HERE<> for a 60-second video highlight of his visit to Galco’s.

Hopping the Gold Line to visit Downtown LA’s restored Union Station? Feeling peckish? Check out Philippe The Original. Philippe’s, they also answer to Felipe’s, is one of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Los Angeles. This is the home of the French Dip Sandwich.  Yeah, I know, but try the lamb sandwich anyway. Check out the photos HERE<> Café BIZOU<> Pasadena. Not gourmet, but good and very reasonable. 91 N. Raymond Avenue and Holly Street On the list and rightly so is MIJARES<> Mexican Restaurant, family-owned for 3 generations. Visit the one at 145 Palmetto Drive. It has three garden patios and lots of indoor dining. Some of my family is of Mexican descent and the young cousins go here often, especially for the margaritas, if not for the mariachis.

SMITTY’S<> Grill is a popular hangout. The Pasadena cousins like it a lot, especially the bar, but the food gets good reviews too.

Yes, there is public art at the airports:

Los Angeles International Airport: LAX public art<>

Note, not to be confused with LAXART<> a local art space

Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport public art gallery is still under construction, but the 2013 Kids art contest winners<> are on display. First place is a Pasadena girl.

Other area Happenings:

Pacific Standard Time presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. Pacific Standard Time<> Check out the fabulous images online.

Paris Photos, Los Angeles, April 26-28 on the Paramount Pictures Studios lot, PARIS PHOTO <>

The 38th Annual Huntington Library Spring Plant Sale<>. Public sale, Sunday, April 29th, 10:30 am-4:30 pm

Have a wonderful time at our Conference!


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