Silent Auction FAQ

We have received some questions about the Silent Auction that may be applicable more broadly so we’re going to answer them on ARLIS-L.

1. You can see a gallery of the images on Facebook and Pinterest which are linked to from any of the web pages of the conference web site. We are working on getting a direct link to the Pinterest board on the Events web page.

2. The link to the donation form is a bit buried in the text on the Events web page. It is in the section with the heading Donating Auction Items. Here is a direct link:

3. Consider putting your chapter donation in a tote bag or something else that is foldable. Stiff baskets are hard to fly with!

4. If you are donating a handmade item please send a jpeg image of the item (if you are done making it of course!) to tsoleau at after submitting the donation form.

5. Reminder: Individual donated items may be combined with other items into lots and groups of donated items may be separated at the discretion of the Silent Auction committee. We will leave chapter “baskets” as is. We also do not foresee the need to combine handmade items together. If this makes you hesitant to donate please contact us and we can discuss your individual situation.

6. Please direct all questions to Teresa Soleau (tsoleau at or Chizu Morihara (CMorihara at

Tip for donation solicitation:

**If you work at an institution that has merchandise, consider asking your “store” to donate something to the auction.

Thanks so much for your donations!

Teresa Soleau (Silent Auction Co-Chair)

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