Mentors Needed. New deadline: Monday March 4th

The Yearlong Career Mentoring Program is still looking for a few mentors.  If you are interested in mentoring, but have been putting off committing, please apply to the program now:
We are extending the application deadline for mentors to Monday March 4th.

Requirements and qualifications:
1) ability to join us in Pasadena on April 26 for the kick-off workshop.
2) willingness to talk to an ARLIS/NA colleague once a month for a year.
3) openness to listening to your mentee, acting as a sounding board, and sharing your personal experiences.

Our program is successful due to our members’ willingness to participate as mentors. Mentoring is not only valuable for the mentor and mentee, but for ARLIS/NA as a whole. A healthy organization supports mentoring to ensure that individuals coming up in the profession are well-positioned to carry out the goals of the organization.

If you have any questions or reservations, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

rachel resnik

technical services librarian

massachusetts college of art + design

621 huntington avenue

boston, ma 02115


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